Excursions on the back of camel:

We can't imagine the desert without the presence of dromedaries,the authentic lord of the sand. We offer the following possibilities:

•    Excursions to admire the sunset and sunrize in the vaste desert. It’s a tour for around two hours from gate of the kasbah till the high dunes of ERG CHEBBI,in order live a fascinating moment of the dawn and sunset in this privileged place.

•    Camp of one night: with this excursion live the adventure of nomade’s life. after a journey of around an hour and half on the riding dromedary, you wil arrive to our camp in center of ERG CHEBBI, where you will gaze in the sky full of stars you have never seen, taste a traditional dinner, vibrate with rythme of drums around a fire and sleep under the naked sky, or in traditional berber tent. You can also watch the sunrize from top of the highest dune, after a copious breakfast you will return on back of dromedary till the Kasbah.

•    Camp of different nights: for adventurous people, certainly a night in the desert is not enough, because of that we offer you the possibility on the back of dromedary many days,as much as you wished, During the day , we will take dirictions between 5 to 6 hours walking ,camping in different panoramic desert places.

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